Fresno Flight Center

These discs are fundraiser discs for the Hard Pan Classic that is on June 6th this year. The Hard Pan Classic is a fundraiser for The Greater Fresno Parkinsons Support Group and the Michael J. Fox organization. We thank you for your support.

We would also like to invite you to be a part of a Chain Reaction. We are inviting everyone to click on this link and donate only $5 to the Michael J. Fox organization and then to encourage two friends to do the same, creating a chain recation that can do incredible things without really dipping deep into anyones pocket. We can do great things as a community when everyone just does a little.
Click here to donate
Innova Fundraiser Discs
Hard Pan Star Destroyer
Hard Pan Star Destroyer
Hard Pan Star Destroyer
Hard Pan Star Wraith
Hard Pan Star Shryke
Hard Pan Star Thunderbird
Hard Pan Colored Champion Glow Boss
Hard Pan Splatter Destroyer
Hard Pan Colored Glow Champion Leopard 3
Hard Pan Colored Glow Champion Corvette
Hard Pan Luster Champion Teebird3