Fresno Flight Center

These discs are fundraiser discs for the Hard Pan Classic that is on June 4th this year. The Hard Pan Classic is a fundraiser for The Greater Fresno Parkinsons Support Group and the Michael J. Fox organization. We thank you for your support.

We would also like to invite you to be a part of a Chain Reaction. We are inviting everyone to click on this link and donate only $5 to the Michael J. Fox organization and then to encourage two friends to do the same, creating a chain recation that can do incredible things without really dipping deep into anyones pocket. We can do great things as a community when everyone just does a little.
Click here to donate
Innova Fundraiser Discs

Destroyer 2
Destroyer 3
Destroyer 5
Destroyer 7
Destroyer 10
Destroyer 11
Destroyer 12
Destroyer 13
Destroyer 14
Destroyer 15
Destroyer 17
Destroyer 18

Gator 1
Gator 2
Gator 3
Gator 4
Gator 5
Gator 6
Gator 7
Gator 8
Gator 9
Gator 10

Wraith 1
Wraith 3
Wraith 4
Wraith 5
Wraith 6
Wraith 8
Wraith 9

Teebird 3
Out of stock
Out of stock
Out of stock
Out of stock

Corvette 1
Corvette 5
Corvette 6
Corvette 8
Corvette 10

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